About The Artist

Meerab Hamza is a self-taught professional henna artist known for her creative designs marked by innovative and exquisite patterns. Her forte lies in making dark-staining henna attractive, exciting, and enviable with prolific designs. In her henna career spanning over 4 years, she has established herself as a pioneer in the field of henna body art with a fusion of the ancient art of henna with contemporary style.

Meerab’s tryst with henna art began at a young age. She has an imaginative aptitude and passion to design since she was a child, and this led her to study architecture. However, fascinated by the elegance of henna art, her artistic quotient led her to leave architecture and excel in the field of henna art. Apart from creating decorative designs underlined by an esthetic feel, she introduced a harmonious blend of styles that pass the test of individual choices, cultural artscape, and social customs.

Meerab aims to provide and justify the requirements of her clients and engages in through consultation to come up with a design that is unique and personalized for each client. Meerab is passionate about her work and the art of henna provides an inner peace and a meditative calmness within her. Meerab is the founder of “Henna by Meerab.” Meerab resides in Long Island, New York and provides services in Tri-State area.

About The Art

Henna, also known as mehndi or scientifically as Lawsonia inermis, is a natural plant based dye that has been used for millennia across many nations for its medicinal and beautification properties. In ancient times, people of the desert would cover their extremities with henna because its cooling and sunscreen properties allow it to act as a natural thermoregulator. .

The magical henna plant is a flowering shrub whose leaves are dried and then crushed into a finely sifted powder. After the powder is mixed with water, lemon juice, sugar and essential oil, it must be given time to dye release. This process allows the lawsone, or pigment molecules, to activate and safely dye your skin with a delicate design. After the applied paste is removed from your body, it takes about 48 hours for the stain to develop. Today, henna is used as a beauty treatment to commemorate an auspicious event, celebration or even a contemporary tattoo! With all-natural and safe henna, the possibilities are endless!

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I have a $50 minimum for henna in Long Island Area. I take private appointments at my home studio in Dix Hills. The easiest way to get a price quote is to text me photos of the size and style you are looking to get. You can also pick a price point and allow me to create a custom piece for you. Just give me a general idea of what you like and we can go from there!

Booking Info for Brides

  • Bridal rate is $100 an hour. This rate is firm. Most sessions take anywhere from 2.5-5 hours depending on the size and complexity.


  • Please email or text photos of size an style to get an accurate time frame for the amount of henna needed.
  • If you decide to book guest and family mehndi in addition to bridal then some discount can be made towards their henna application provided the mehndi will be taking place in Long Island and Five Boroughs henna Party have a flat of $75/hr rate and a 3 hour minimum + travel charge.
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